Alarm!!! TSC not working

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Industrial Mech
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Alarm!!! TSC not working

Postby Industrial Mech » Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:21 pm

Hello everyone,
We now own the VF3 that has a coolant through the spindle though we have been encountering some issue with a hum coming from behind the spindle head with an unclamp alarm. After replacing the pre-charge solenoid and latter cleaning everything the machine operated well for quite a while till the second solenoid went bad then we started hearing the same problem a hum and tool unclamp alarm. Can the I/O board be bad? What else can I do to figure out the root cause?

When I disconnect the pre-charge solenoid the machine tool unclamp alarm clears but then we get another alarm TSC pre-charge failure. Might not be a good Idea but can we bypass the pressure switch just to get a job done thats on the machine now?

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